Family, couples, and individual psychotherapy is never generic and always geared to your essential needs and goals.

Jonathan Goldin, LICSW; J.D. - Therapy is a relationship, not a transaction.

You deserve wise answers as well as penetrating questions! This is my fundamental promise. Having high-conflict relationships; experiencing major life transitions, grief and trauma causing insecurity in career or personal life.

My specialities include Adult ADHD, ASD, Anxiety and Attachment disorders, PTSD, Sex Therapy. Using Positive Psychology, CBT, Mindfulness and Meditation. Individuals, Couples, and Families. Focus on your inherent character strengths . My intuition, empathy, and creativity lead to solutions for improved well-being. Looking for creative expression? I offer training in Expressing Your Authentic Self.

Modes of Therapeutic
Services Expertise

OP individual, couples, and family therapy
Creating and facilitating groups on ADHD; Finding Your Voice 
Creating and directing unique multimodal program for multiple ADHD families
ADHD The Family Tree; 2000-2002
School student therapy K-8 & consultations with teachers/admins
Community and family Intervention with SUD adult & debrief
Home visits via NRH and RVCC
Supervising two professionals With ADHD The Family Tree
Supervising one LMHC professional @ Holyoke Hospital 
Mentoring one adult considering psychology/ SW career

Mental Health Enlightened

Performing Artists, musicians, producers-directors, you have taken a big hit over the last two years, causing increased depression, anxiety and existential angst. I speak your language, I know your challenges, I identify with your aspirations. Wherever you live is irrelevant, I am available by Zoom, Facetime and phone. And our country needs you badly.

Finding Your Voice

I’m a lifelong advocate with over twenty-five years of experience as a Psychotherapist and Life Coach, and will help you increase assertiveness and express your authentic self, in the face of adversity and opposition.

I don’t like talking about my resume but I have all the credentials necessary to provide psychotherapy and more.

I’ve worked with clients across a wide range of issues, diagnoses, and personal backgrounds. All are searching for healing, validation, and guidance.  

My fundamental intention is to provide those with heartfelt soulful energy and with bold ideas to empower desired changes for a better life.

Here’s the resume part: I have an MSW from Boston University; a J.D. from American University, and a BA in Sociology from Boston University. I began training in Clinical Social Work in 1995, graduated in 1997, and have been an LICSW since 2002.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I worked as a teacher, lawyer, broadcast journalist, political consultant, and producer of concerts, documentary films, and fundraising events, as well as a cab driver, school bus driver, and waiter. My life experience gives me an edge on empathy and rapport building. I speak some Spanish and Hebrew.

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Jonathan Goldin, LICSW; J.D. - Therapy is a relationship, not a transaction.

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Remember therapy is a relationship not a transaction. In crisis or transition we’ll work together.