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The Rule of Threes

Three Specialties of this Practice

For more than twenty-five years as a Psychotherapist and Life Coach, I’ve helped countless number of clients increase their self-awareness and self-efficacy. For example, I introduce clients to the wisdom and techniques of the Positive Psychology (PP) movement. PP is a relatively new phenomenon in psychology and life coaching and focuses on helping people find and reach their potential. The book and philosophy of Flow, as developed by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihali (don’t even try) offers an empirical guide to increased well-being.

In addition, I’ve developed a unique method of coaching clients to
dramatically tell their core stories in an abbreviated version. This can produce manifold benefits such as: facing trauma and grief, increasing resilience, reducing self-blame, and facing feelings of betrayal, rejection, and alienation. My background in theatre, podcasting, public speaking, and singing makes all of this second nature for me, which I aim to pass on.

I’ve been offering these workshops and similar coaching methods for many years. NOW I’m offering them to the public at large, for individuals, couples, and groups. Welcome your feedback and get in touch.

Hope to see you soon!

The Inherent Strengths of ADHD

Support for Adults with ADHD

The Power of Story

Your Story has Truth

Collective Trauma and Grief

Working through Trauma and Grief

Jonathan Goldin, LICSW; J.D. - Therapy is a relationship, not a transaction.

Chutzpah & Soul: Podcast

Chutzpah and Soul features interviews with compelling people, first person stories, rants, essays, dialogues, and group catharsis.

Coaching Background
and Experience

Some of my essential character strengths which I coach others


Private practice experience developed various groups such as Adult ADHD Finding One’s Voice. Humor and Mindfulness Meditation have been central to my work.


Early adopter of Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) and Positive Psychology (PP (Spring 2011) led by the founder of PP, Professor Martin Seligman, PhD. Attended the first international conference on PP @ the Gallup Organization in DC. 


Strategy that improved mental health delivery @ RVCC Chicopee/ Holyoke, MA. Private Practice: Lexington, Amherst, and The Berkshires, simplified Intake process making it fully customer friendly. Created and facilitated multiple family psychoeducational groups struggling with ADHD: ADHD::The Family Tree

Jonathan Goldin, LICSW; J.D. - Therapy is a relationship, not a transaction.

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Remember therapy is a relationship not a transaction. In crisis or transition we’ll work together.