Chutzpah and Soul

Chutzpah and Soul features interviews with compelling people, first person stories, rants, essays, dialogues, and group catharsis.

Laced with irony, satire, and parody. Standing up to Power with chutzpah and soul, this podcasting service will contribute to the enduring spirit of the Jewish and African Diasporas.

Chutzpah & Soul Blog

My fundamental intention is to provide those with heartfelt soulful energy and bold ideas to empower changes for a better life.

I don’t like talking about my resume but I have all the credentials necessary to provide psychotherapy and more.

I’ve worked with clients across a wide range of issues, diagnoses, and personal backgrounds. All are searching for healing, validation, and guidance.  

Here’s the resume part: I have an MSW from Boston University; a J.D. from American University, and a BA in Sociology from Boston University. I began training in Clinical Social Work in 1995, graduated in 1997, and have been an LICSW since 2002.

Jonathan Goldin, LICSW; J.D. - Therapy is a relationship, not a transaction.

Have questions? Looking for answers?

Remember therapy is a relationship not a transaction. In crisis or transition we’ll work together.